Studio A is a design collaborative focused on meaningful and sustainable contributions to the built environment.  The work ranges in scale, climate, and scope.  The goal is purposeful design that creates inspiration, abundance, and promotes good health in our world. 

The architecture studio is based in Telluride, Colorado and the furniture studio is in New York City.

Architecture / Design Statement:

Studio A is driven by a consistent philosophical approach, not a predetermined style. The aim is to create good design, defined as an elegant solution to a complex equation.

Projects are a dialogue between the inherent beauty of the site and the specific needs of the program.  With each project, we seek opportunities to engage the ever changing complexities of the moment.


The variables start with a client’s vision and the strengths and delicacy of the site. Other factors include climate, light, taste, history, budget, time, human behavior, municipal law, technology, and sustainability. The resulting structure becomes an extension of site and function, part of a dialog between place and inhabitation.

A highly collaborative design method engages experts from all fields as well as the clients in the creative process. The products of this approach can therefore vary completely, but the endeavor is always the same – to capture a sense of place, create a poetic response to all of the projects circumstances, to be stewards of the environment, and to have new experiences.

Furniture / Design Statement:

Fornature Design was created to design furniture that can be personalized, has sustainable qualities, is beautiful, is minimal, and tells a story.  We strive to bring social and environmental responsibility to each of our projects. We source local materials, employ regional furniture makers, use an integrative approach, and strive to create furniture that advances our values.


About the Principal:

Jonathan Augello was raised in a historic Pennsylvania town, 30 miles south of the Pocono Mountains and 90 miles west of New York City. This balance of nature and urbanism, with an appreciation for the old and new, runs through his life and his design.

Bachelor of Arts, College of Arts and Architecture,  Pennsylvania State University, 1994 

Masters of Architecture, University of Oregon, 2004 with studies at D.I.S. in Copenhagen, Denmark